Common cold ointment BABY

To use in case of cold, suitable for protecting skin against cold for the children below 3 years (infants), the pregnant and for the people with sensitive skin against essential oil.

In Estonia produced common cold ointment consisting 100% natural components. Besides goose fat includes ointment also beeswax, which has a pleasant smell and softens the skin.

Usage instruction: Only for external use. To use only on healthy skin, not on injured or damaged places. To spread the recommended amount of ointment (0.5g–2g in case of children depending on the age, 2g-3g in case of adults) by lightly massaging on the thorax, neck, back and soles 2-3 times a day. To spread a thin layer of ointment on the uncovered body parts in case of windy and cold weather during outdoor activities. To also spread the ointment by lightly massaging on the thorax, back and soles before going asleep. Not to let the ointment get into your eyes or mouth. Not to use
with fever over 38.5ºC.

Composition: goose grease, beeswax.