Common cold ointment

Diseases related to cold can trouble us regardless of the season, thus it is reasonable to store goose fat ointment Baby for the infants and people with sensitive skin or goose fat ointment Strong including eucalypt oil as a supplement to your medicine chest at home.

Ointments have been prepared based on goose fat and 100% natural ingredients. Goose fat ointments are fit for use in case of cough, coryza, throat and muscle aches caused by cold. To use also for prophylactics of colds and for the protection against wind and cold in case outdoor activities.

Thus, when going fishing, hunting or working outdoors in the cold, put goose fat ointment on the hands, nose and cheeks. It is recommended to grease soles with goose fat ointment.

Common cold ointment STRONG
  Common cold ointment BABY